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One way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals.
- Michael Korda
Promotional products are an investment in your business.  Like all forms of advertising, your advertising dollar should reflect your goals and you should measure your return on investment.  All businesses have to advertise to stay in business, and here are a couple of hints to make the most of your advertising using promotional products:
Examine your current client list.
Look at that top 20% of customers who deliver the value you want, then profile them.  Use this knowledge to strategically pinpoint prospects with the same characteristics within other organizations.  Utilize a themed or targeted promotional product to open the door with them
Create reciprocal networks.
Think of who would gain value from being in contact with your clients list.  For example, promotional product buyers often also purchase print and office supplies.  Suggest a business card swap with your customer’s other preferred vendors.  If you receive a lead, don’t forget to thank them with a business gift!
Ask specific questions, set up a formal program with rewards and incentives for those participating in the program, and always thank the referrer!
Sooth Angry Customers
We’re not saying bribe them with a gift, but once you have addressed the problem, corrected it, and impressed them with your service give them a little thank you for sticking with you through that tough time.
Give them something for nothing
Define your target market, identify their biggest pain, identify your product or service as something that can relieve that pain, and then give them a theme-related gift to reflect your solution.
Compare and contrast your offering, promotional packaging and “on-pack” applications, and remember, promotional products give you some of the highest levels of exposure and repetition of any advertising vehicle. For other great uses for promotional products, contact us!
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