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The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.
- Aristotle Onassis
The Company
In the past 28 years since Mark Shields established EMI Promotional Products, a division of Emes Marketing Inc, advances in technology have boosted the promotional industry’s ability to put a company’s logo on everything from a tin of mints, to the side of a building. What hasn’t changed, though, is the necessity of creating promotional campaigns with what Shields calls the “WOW Factor!”, and EMI’s success in providing outstanding programs that get results and in delivering excellent customer service.

EMI specializes in providing unique, creative, and useful products and programs for marketing, branding development, advertising promotions, tradeshows, online company stores, and incentive and recognition programs. EMI works closely with clients to make sure the items in a campaign are a meaningful extension of the client’s brand and appropriate for the venue, audience, and program.

Promotional marketing, whether for recognition, motivation, communication, or promotion, relies on the promotional item’s ability to fascinate and please the person receiving it. “We like to create the products that everyone wants to have, that’s unique to the company or organization giving it away,” Shields says.

EMI maintains close relationships with all its suppliers, which lets them know about each season’s newest products. But, Shields says, just because a product is new and cutting edge doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for a company. Though EMI’s entire catalog of items is available for order on-line, there may be better solutions for a company’s needs than the current trendy giveaway. “A T-shirt can be just as effective as a new high tech product,” Shields says, “It just depends on how it’s packaged or the message printed on it.” EMI’s sales and service teams can help companies choose the best items for their programs and the most effective methods for branding those items.  
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